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Engaging, Inspiring, Hands‑On Programs

We Aim to Deliver Transformative Learning Experiences that Prepare Students with Future-Ready Skills.

Pitsco Education has 50 years of experience providing innovative, hands-on curricula. Our academic, STEM, and career-based solutions offer proven programs that address core standards while providing students with tangible, kinesthetic experiences and real-world applications.

Through our programs, students experience a combination of teacher-led instruction and student-directed learning using a blend of strategies and delivery methods. Not only do students engage in learning, but they also acquire and strengthen their knowledge throughout a variety of hands-on, true-to-life projects and themes.

All our career-focused STEM curricula integrate a variety of college- and career-readiness skills while providing academically relevant learning opportunities for students in PreK through Grade 9.

Pitsco Education - STEM Ecosystems

Cross-Sector Collaboration

There’s no substitute for hands-on education. We believe it. Educators believe it. Business and industry believe it. We know that STEM skills and the dispositions that come along with acquiring these skills will project well-equipped students into the workforce.

STEM Learning Ecosystems bring everyone together – education leaders, business leaders, and economic leaders – to collaborate and build STEM solutions for students. Explore how our programs are being implemented in various STEM Ecosystems to create STEM-rich learning environments.

Pitsco Education - STEM Hands-On Professional Services

Programs Supported by Unparalleled Professional Services

Service sets us apart. From creating tailored curriculum programs to offering STEM professional development and delivering on- and off-site technical and educational support, our professional services provide a comprehensive experience, enhancing the fidelity of implementation and maximizing a program’s effectiveness.

“When you walk in that STEM lab and you see those students in there working hands on, and you walk into some of our regular, normal classrooms, I mean, the scale is very unbalanced. It’s night and day. It’s night and day because that Pitsco STEM lab gives our students the opportunity to work hands on and to move around and to work with a teammate to accomplish a goal. And I think our kids are excited about that.”

– Jeff Torrence, principal, Honeysuckle Middle School, Dothan, Alabama

“I wanted [Missions] because I know how impactful STEM can be for the entire school, the entire school culture. I’m all about the whole child. It’s not just about reading or writing or math. It’s about every child has some talent somewhere; you just have to find it.”

– Jay Parker, principal, Wallace Elementary School, Wallace, North Carolina

“It needs to be ingrained in them all the way up and down – the speaking skills, the soft skills – and it takes more than two years to develop these skills. The STEM model forces kids into having those conversations, making connections, and collaborating.”

– Rick Neal, superintendent, Pea Ridge Public Schools, Pea Ridge, Arkansas

“The level of individualized support you offer our teacher is amazing. It’s like having another instructional coach on our staff. Your relationship and ability to coach with empathy is appreciated. You took time to not only see a successful launch, but ongoing implementation; that level of capacity building is needed to sustain a successful program.”

– Sharrah Pharr, PhD, director of federal programs and grants, Hays CISD, Kyle, Texas