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Hands On, Minds On is the Pitsco Way

The Pitsco Experience: Learning by Doing

We know teachers have the most important job on the planet. We also expect students to have a stake in their own education. As such, we believe in both empowering the educator and positioning students to lead. We’re confident that learning by doing is the only way to accomplish this. Our age-appropriate, student-centered K-12 learning solutions in STEM are delivered via hands-on products and programs. Standards can be addressed with relevant, real-world activities and manipulatives.

Further, we’re in the business to see both you and your students succeed. Whether it’s assistance from our world-class customer service experts who are just a call away or our educational service managers who are in classrooms assisting with program implementation, we’ll get you the support you need. Or if you need something from the rich gallery of downloadable documents and activities or an engaging hands-on professional development session that will take your work to the next level, we have it.

Truly, we’re in it for the educators and the students.

Pitsco Education - Teacher's Awesome Group

We’re With You: From Products to Programs

From stand-alone products that add immediate value to a classroom to complete systems for an entire building or district, with thousands of products in our assortment, we have what it takes to help advance student learning. Together, we can create a plan for individual development or an immersive learning experience to achieve educational goals.

Our products and programs aim to foster curiosity, provide a deeper understanding, necessitate critical thinking, and spur confidence in students. But most importantly, our relationships with teachers and administrators enable us to produce these outcomes. We believe in the power of relationships and know that this is the foundation for success — yours, theirs, and ours. Providing quality products manufactured in the USA and an excellent customer experience ultimately benefits students whose daily success is our motivation.

Pitsco Education - STEM East Continuum

Vested in Teacher and Student Success

Pitsco believes that each student has a unique and complex system of thinking and learning and that effective educators desire to reach their students and equip them with skills for the classroom and for life. Making STEM an accessible discipline for any teacher enables us to reach all types of learners from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and geographic locations.

Through STEM education, students’ interpersonal relationships are enhanced while content is mastered, delivering to society the next generation of workforce equipped with skills and abilities to impact the world. We believe it’s important to play a role in making the world a better place and to reward others who do the same.

“A hands-on, minds-on lesson plan usually involves many props. Some of these can be cheaply imitated online, through YouTube, through social media, and so on. This is not only dangerous, but also the makeshift objects are not sustainable. I recently was introduced to Pitsco products and could not be more impressed with the quality, diversity, and range of product lines.”

– Kristy Helberg, program specialist, 4-H Camp Palmer, Fayette, Ohio

“This is what education should be. This is what education should’ve always been.”

– Pat Taylor, headmaster, Jackson Academy, Jackson, Mississippi

“Pitsco STEM products provide students learning opportunities to construct their own understanding of concepts in science, technology, engineering, and math. Students actively collaborate, communicate, concentrate, and creatively create while using processes and skills needed for next generation success in today’s world. Powerful.”

– Jill Brockmier, teacher, Jefferson Elementary School, Pullman, Washington