Developing the Whole Child through STREAM

Our Grades 3-5 Programs

Our Grades 3-5 STREAM Missions program is built on elementary instructional best practices that pair core science instruction with reading, art, engineering, and math application. Delivered in a cloud-based platform with accompanying hands-on projects, STREAM Missions appeal to all types of learners as they combine structured and guided inquiry with student-centered technology and true interdisciplinary instruction.

And it doesn’t stop there. Through the Missions, students are also introduced to a variety of potential careers, helping them bridge the gap from instruction to the real world.

Elementary teachers don’t have to be experts in science or math in a Missions classroom; all support materials, content, structure, and scheduling are built right into the platform. Our talented team of former educators, now curriculum writers and professional development providers, have thought of everything needed for teacher and student success. Plus, the program is flexible and enables us to customize a solution that fits your needs.

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Pitsco Education - Grades 3-5 Turn STEM into STREAM


As a pioneer of hands-on STEM instruction, we have seen elementary students flourish when provided the opportunity to do science. We’ve seen math concepts stick when real-world application is present. And we know that time and resources for hands-on projects are limited for educators.

This is why, when developing our Grades 3-5 program, we turned STEM into STREAM and wove the important subjects of reading and art into each and every STEM-based Mission, all while maintaining student engagement through creativity, hands-on application, and real-life experimentation.

Plus, the STREAM Missions experience is inclusive and requires students to practice future-ready skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Pitsco Education - K-3 Students Collaborating

Program Outcomes

We strive to provide a comprehensive curriculum that embraces the unique abilities of every child. We integrate important elementary disciplines and modes of instruction in a way that gives students the opportunity to practice their collaboration, creative problem-solving, and leadership skills without sacrificing teacher-led instruction and independent work. We give students in Grades 3-5 a well-rounded education and exposure to careers they might enjoy in their future. The program outcomes shown below represent independent percentages that overlap with one another.

With STREAM Missions, teachers receive the ultimate reward – their students’ success.

Pitsco Education - Grades 3-5 Program Outcomes

“At times, they have individual accountability, sometimes small teams, sometimes large teams. They’re learning those skills of how to communicate, collaborate, support, how to assess, how to provide feedback and accomplish something, which is pretty powerful.”

– Dr. Gregory Firn, superintendent, Anson County, North Carolina

“Above all, I have a program in place that students can use to solve disagreements. Aside from the excellent science content, this program is about developing interpersonal and communication skills.”

– Vicki Royse Koller, Temple Beth Am Day School, Miami, Florida

“Sometimes I have trouble and they [members of the four-person crew] help me with it. I couldn’t figure something out in my last group, and Wilson helped me out because he was in my group.”

– Austin, fifth-grade student, Elmore City-Pernell Elementary School, Elmore City, Oklahoma