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Programs designed to meet your goals

Custom Programs Based on Your Needs

Pitsco Education is not just a provider of STEM products, curricula, and programs; we go the extra mile for our customers, listening to your needs and customizing solutions that help you meet your objectives. Through goal-focused communication with an emphasis on student success, our Program Design team works hand in hand with our education representatives and your school or district to outline programs that fit into your STEM initiative.

Whether you desire a STEM continuum that starts at kindergarten, an engaging CTE program, or a program that aligns with ESSA requirements or state and national standards, or if you simply wish to pave the STEM highway in your district . . . we have you covered.

Pitsco Education - Program Design Team

A Team of Design Professionals

Headed up by our vice president of education (and former teacher), Matt Frankenbery, our Program Design team consists of former educators and fellow believers in hands-on, minds-on learning.

This talented team works directly with school leaders and educators to listen and learn about their specific needs. We then work tirelessly to build a customized program designed with identified goals in mind.

Pitsco Education - Program Design Process

The Program Design Process and Outcomes

Every program we design is unique. In general, the design process can take anywhere from two days to two weeks, depending upon the complexity of the request as well as the school’s timeline for implementation.

Typically, the process begins when an opportunity is presented to the Program Design team by the education advisor working directly with the school. Then, a member of the team evaluates the request and contacts the school leader to confirm the school’s needs and answer any questions. The process is very collaborative, much like the in-class programs we develop.

The program designer produces and presents the initial design to the decision maker. If necessary, changes are made, prices are added, and collaboration continues until the program is delivered and installed and professional development is scheduled. To better understand the program design service, you can review the sample designs from schools around the nation.

“It [the Missions program] was not prepackaged, it was customized to our needs. I don’t know another vendor that compares to this level of customization and professionalism.”

– Sharrah Pharr, PhD, director of federal programs and grants, Hays CISD, Kyle, Texas

“Your constant inquiry of our operation, our successes, and our barriers has been crucial in our ability to run the Academy as we have. We could have not done it if it wasn’t with your support.”

– Jairo A Maldonado, EdM, assistant principal, Westfield High School, Houston, Texas