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Preparing Educators for Success

Our Professional Development Programs Set the Bar High

All Pitsco professional development programs are designed directly with the implementing school or district. This enables us to create a solution that is uniquely tailored to our customers’ needs based on the set of outcomes they would like to achieve.

Our quality sessions are intensely hands on and follow the 13 indicators of highly effective professional development. The result: participants’ increased confidence with the new curriculum and instructional methodologies they will be implementing.

We have professional development sessions that correspond with our various programs and also offer general STEM-focused PD for schools looking for additional support.

Global Learning Outcomes

All professional development facilitators are former educators who have been involved with the development of the programs. These facilitators build relationships with participants and coach participants in the various aspects of the programs to encourage professional learning communities and promote student success by following our established set of global learning objectives.

Pitsco Education - Experience Instant Success

Experience Instant Success

Upon successful completion of any Pitsco professional development session, participants gain a certificate stating contact hours of instruction. More importantly, they receive knowledge and enthusiasm to implement an unparalleled STEM program that will excite and engage their students and ultimately set them up for future success.

Pitsco Education - Vitally important to our success

Vital to Our Success

Dothan City Schools is a district that serves more than 9,000 students and has four middle schools, two of which are magnet programs. Girard and Honeysuckle Middle Schools, the non-magnets, were outfitted with STEM labs, curriculum, and activities from Pitsco Education in summer 2016.

While many district officials, including Superintendent Chuck Ledbetter, have played roles in setting up and facilitating the STEM labs at the two schools, Girard Middle School Principal Darius McKay and Director of Federal Programs and School Instructional Specialist Lee Jacobs have been immersed in the process. Read more from McKay and Jacobs on the role Pitsco services played in setting the schools up for long-term success.

“Everything fell into place with the STEM PD. I’ve been astounded by the creativity and the innovative ideas that our teachers have come up with in doing the design challenges that they’ve been given by the Pitsco facilitators.”

– Nicole Murray, district STEM coordinator, Duplin County, North Carolina

“The best part is they’re getting the hands-on, practical experience of doing the activity and working through all the logistics and the questions of how it would work. It’s not just a bunch of theory and ideas. They’re actually doing the activity, which is going to be valuable for them to take into the classroom because they will know what to expect.”

– Joseph Santos, principal, Vista View Middle School, Fountain Valley, California