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Spark an Awe for Learning at the Earliest Age

Our PreK-2 Programs

Our PreK-2 Programs are designed to complement core learning programs with inspiring, hands-on titles that incorporate playful learning and multisensory instruction.

Choose from 16 activity bundles to engage and excite your early learners! Each bundle comes with an activity guide and materials to serve 10-12 students.

Learn more about our PreK-2 offers by exploring the following sections.

Providing a Jump Start

Language and Literacy Development. Cognition and General Knowledge. Approaches to Learning. Social and Emotional Development. Perceptual, Motor, and Physical Development.

These early-learning domains are foundational to early-learning success and provide a platform that can launch students into Pitsco’s Grades 3-5 STREAM program and beyond.

Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes

The overall goal is to engage little learners and provide playful learning and multisensory instruction. These activity bundles encourage collaboration and social-emotional learning for the learner and provide cross-curricular differentiated instruction for the educator.

K-2 Program Breakdown

Our PreK-2 STEM Programs are designed to prepare students for the real world. This means we provide lots of time within our program for collaboration and hands-on activity without sacrificing teacher-led instruction and independent work.

“You don’t have to wait until they get to the intermediate grades to start teaching science because they’re very capable, science is very engaging, and it’s high interest for the little ones. It’s fun, and they can do it!”

– Shakeatha Butler, elementary science director, Duval County, Florida