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Hands-on education isn’t a buzzword. It’s our mantra and has been since 1971. And we know it’s the most successful way to prepare students for college and career. We’re here to make STEM accessible and to provide you with the information you need to find your solution. We’ve pulled together all our ready-made resources, samples, examples, and publications, and you can order one of our catalogs with thousands of hands-on products for your classroom too.

“In order to let kids learn, we must let them do. In order to let them do, we must give them hands-on experiences with relevancy. Students will own their learning if we let them.”

– Harvey Dean, CEO, Founder, Former Educator

“It’s one thing to make products and another thing to make a product that can work in a classroom. . . . Yes, all of them have products, but there is no comparison to Pitsco.”

– Chendra Garikipati, co-owner, Minerva Learning Systems, India