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Fostering STEM Ecosystems that Unite Communities

Future Economic Growth Hinges on STEM Education Now

The preservation of our nation’s innovation edge and success depends on STEM education. The December 2018 federal STEM report highlights STEM Ecosystems as an effective strategy for developing a striving STEM workforce and improving STEM literacy for all children. The plan outlines three overarching goals for American STEM Education:

Build strong foundations for literacy.

Increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM.

Prepare the STEM workforce for the future.

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Joining Forces – Cross-Sector Collaboration

We work with business and industry to advocate the need to break down the silos that exist between education and industry. Developing the future workforce through STEM programs that are focused on regional industry helps students realize their potential and that opportunity exists right where they live.

Our K-12 STEM programs engage students, add relevance to their education, and cultivate the soft skills the workforce desires. For all these reasons, we’ve developed strong relationships with STEM Ecosystems and have developed programs to meet their specific strategies and needs.

“I think if you can spark interest in kids with STEM activities and show the relevance of learning, then their whole educational trajectory could be totally different.”

– Scott Fry, director of workforce development, MidAmerica Industrial Park

“We want a workforce of inquisitive minds. We don’t want somebody to take the notebook that says, “Here’s how we’ve always done it.” We want a workforce that can take us to the next level.”

– Millie Chalk, Duke Energy government and community relations manager

“What it does is it shows that there is a solid alignment between secondary and postsecondary programs and industries to show that we’re trying to build a superhighway with multiple on- and off-ramps where students can get the careers they want.”

– Chris Bailey, Onslow County CTE director

“You can run the world from your porch in Pea Ridge, Arkansas, if you understand computer coding – the language of the computer – and have access to high-speed broadband Internet, and you’ve got that here. So just learn the coding, and you could work for a company in Houston, Texas, in New York, in California, right here in Pea Ridge.”

– Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas governor