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We’re Ready to Bring the World to Your Students

What Success Looks Like

Pitsco’s core mission is one it shares with teachers: student success. We want young people to grow into confident, thoughtful leaders in whatever career or pathway they take in life.

We want them to have the technical and workplace skills desired in today’s competitive world and demanded in tomorrow’s. But students aren’t likely to develop these traits and skills in school if they are not first engaged via their hands and minds.

Seasoned teachers often speak of the light bulb moment when they can see new understanding dawn in the eyes of a student. What does student success look like? Just like that. And it’s what Pitsco and teachers aim to achieve every day.

Our impact results

The Bottom Line: Results

A shining STEM lab can be the showpiece of any school’s career-readiness program, but in the end it all comes down to results. Pitsco’s curriculum solutions have a history of delivering student engagement and improved test scores. Pitsco STEM Expeditions® and Missions curricula follow this same design and are standards based and rooted in hands-on activities. And success stories are already pouring in:

You’ll find many more accounts of light bulb moments, improved scores, and enlivened classrooms in the Success Stories section of our website.

Measuring Our Commitment

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Our impact - Pitsco Cares

Beyond the Classroom: Community Impact

Supporting teachers and students in the classroom is only one facet of how Pitsco Education attempts to make an impact. Being an active member in our local community is another area of outreach we take a huge amount of pride in. Pitsco is a proud member of the southeast Kansas and Four States (KS, MO, AR, OK) communities. We support numerous area charities, including:

  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • The Family Resource Center
  • The Lord’s Diner
  • Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice
  • Elm Acres Recovery Services
  • Angels Among Us
  • United Way
  • Safehouse Crisis Center
  • Wesley House
  • Children’s Advocacy Center

“If I could have a STEM lab for every classroom in our school, this probably would be the best school in the United States because I see how our students are engaged in our Pitsco lab.”

– Jeff Torrence, principal, Honeysuckle Middle School, Dothan, Alabama

“Science should be for real. We should not be reading about it. We should be doing it. Expeditions have very much that same philosophy. It is the doing of it which grounds the theoretical information that you’re teaching.”

– Dr. Tammy Scot, teacher, Arapahoe Charter School, Arapahoe, North Carolina

“Here, it’s more engaging, so instead of going home, I’d rather stay at school and learn things. On weekends, I tell my parents I wish I were at school because I’m bored now.”

– Student in Math Expeditions lab, Yadkin Valley Regional Career Academy, Lexington, North Carolina