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Setting Teachers and Students Up for Success

Services Designed for Long-Term Success

We believe that building a relationship with each school is a vital part of protecting the investment in a Pitsco program. For this reason, we offer comprehensive professional services to accompany our solutions.

Our professional services provide a strong foundation for all involved with the program and include implementation strategies, education philosophy, and a consistent support system to create stronger, longer-lasting solutions that are set up to thrive.

Pitsco Education - What sets our services apart

What Sets Our Services Apart?

Every new Pitsco program harbors a tangible sense of excitement. Teachers are eager to try this new way of teaching, and students are enthusiastic about getting their hands on the engaging activities. However, the curriculum is new, and there are lots of materials to manage in the lab. The teacher inevitably wonders how to navigate in this sea of newness. This is where our professional services come into play.

Pitsco professional services include professional development to ready the teacher to facilitate the lab and then ongoing services in the following months and years. These services are designed to provide opportunities to build relationships and a strong knowledge base and to ensure implementation fidelity. The goal is to ensure the teacher is fully equipped to provide a successful experience for all students.

We recognize the commitment schools and districts make when implementing our programs; it is a commitment to providing your students with opportunities to learn by discovering and doing. Our professional services are designed to help teachers and administrators so they are in the best possible position to help their students succeed.

“Any time I have asked for help you have responded almost immediately via the phone or in person. Your constant inquiry of our operation, our successes, and our barriers has been crucial in our ability to run the Academy as we have. We could have not done it if it wasn’t with your support.”

– Jairo A Maldonado, EdM, assistant principal, Westfield High School, Houston, Texas

“What I took away from the seminar and STEM Camp was an excitement to see how the students and teachers would adapt to the new STEM programs. I felt more confident in my role as the teacher in leading and assisting my students to be successful.”

– Jana Price, engineering instructor, UMS-Wright Preparatory School, Mobile, Alabama

“Loved all the personal help and understanding of my situation and the brainstorming to solve my problems.”

– Armando Veloz, STEAM teacher, Rosemary Clarke Middle School, Pahrump, Nevada