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A vast educational undertaking requires partners you can trust

Spring Education Group’s summer camps make heavy use of Pitsco STEM PBL Units

turn•key: adjective ; of or involving the provision of a complete product or service that is ready for immediate use SARATOGA, CA – Not long ago, in his role at Spring Education Group (SEG), Senior Director of Camp and Ancillary . . .

Philadelphia’s Urban Youth Racing School expands its offering

Pitsco Education is proud to help innovative motorsports program move forward

Additional Pitsco dragster article: The future of dragsters: The Fusion blank PHILADELPHIA, PA – Since its founding in 1998, the Urban Youth Racing School (UYRS) in Philadelphia has earned a fair amount of publicity for the . . .

New Jersey students’ excitement skyrockets after experiencing Pitsco STEM Boxes

Additional STEM Box article: Versatile Creator Packs work with virtual and summer learners FLEMINGTON, NJ – Dr. Kari McGann was hopeful that Pitsco Education’s STEM Creator Packs would informally ease students back into . . .

Miami-Dade brings STEM summer enrichment to middle school students

MIAMI, FL – Miami-Dade, the fourth largest school district in the US, serves 334,000 students representing 160 different countries in languages spoken. With a student population of approximately 73% Hispanic, 19% Black, 6% White, and 2% other, . . .

LAUSD meets students where they are with Spanish instructions and engaging STEM materials delivered directly to students’ homes

LOS ANGELES, CA – “Meet them where they are.” This phrase represents the chasm that educators must bridge between where students are in their understanding and where they should be based on grade-level placement. This gap can be . . .

Inner-city ed: From cradle to career

Operation Breakthrough addresses opportunity gaps for underprivileged beginning in pre-K

KANSAS CITY, MO – Don’t tell Mary Esselman that some kids can’t learn as well as others because of the bad hand life has dealt them. She’s experienced some tough environments and knows better, and besides, she doesn’t . . .

Versatile Creator Packs work with virtual and summer learners

Additional STEM Box article: New Jersey students’ excitement skyrockets after experiencing Pitsco STEM Boxes FLEMINGTON, NJ – Over the course of six months, the Flemington-Raritan Regional School District purchased . . .

ESSER funding enables summer school fun in Oklahoma

MIDWEST CITY, OK – In a topsy-turvy world dominated by COVID, nothing has been a surprise. Not even elementary-age students eager to be in classrooms nearly every Wednesday during their summer break. Of course, there’s a logical . . .