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Partners in Education

Partnering to Equip Students with the Skills of Tomorrow

Our partners are a diverse group of businesses, educational institutions, foundations, and nonprofit organizations that enable us to carry out our vision to lead education that positively affects learners.

Our partners have played a role in guiding the educational frameworks that our products, curricula, and solutions are built upon. They’ve assisted us in the development of the actual hands-on materials that enable students of all ages to learn by doing. And, in some cases, they have worked diligently with us to get those materials in the hands of students through the establishment of in- and after-school programs.

Together we strive to prepare all our young learners with the skills needed to thrive in a future that no one can yet describe.

“Enable Education is proud to work with the industry-leading and innovative team at Pitsco. Pitsco’s suite of resources and technology help teachers to create more dynamic learning experiences for students, making it easier and fun for them to successfully learn new STEM concepts. This vision for education has fit incredibly well with our own, and our partnership has resulted in the development of class-leading, interactive, hands-on educational resources and technologies for 21st-century learners.”

– Ben Zimmer, founder and CEO, Enable Education, Milton, Ontario, Canada