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‘Bridging to the future’

Lancaster, TX, STEM club students help restore Wings of Hope airplane

LANCASTER, TX – Charles Richardson has taught thousands of students during his 17 years facilitating Pitsco Education STEM labs, the last six years in Lancaster ISD south of Dallas. And he’s diligently explained to all his students how . . .

A pathway to the pathways

Bertie MS (NC) teachers and students discover interests, options before high school

Additional Bertie County Schools articles: Students realize they work better together Windsor, NC, program part of national pilot study WINDSOR, NC – Last year, leaders in Bertie County Schools in Windsor, NC, moved to . . .

‘A really good way to learn’

Pitsco STREAM Missions a hit with students and teachers alike

Additional Pittsburg Community Schools article: Extending real-world connections and career days Student-created butterflies camouflaged throughout the classroom. A word wall with the latest vocabulary. Planet puzzles. Jump boards . . .

‘Stay in Yankton’

Educators and business leaders want career courses that prepare students for jobs in their own backyard

Additional Yankton School District articles: Skills matching assessment surprises some students Expeditions align with WorkKeys® and NCRC® (Administrators’ Corner) YANKTON, SD – TruXedo, . . .

Automation, farm to table

Additional SySTEM Alert! Vol. 6, No. 5 article: Coming to a store near you A store coming near to you Many believe we will need more efficient food production to feed the world’s growing population. Under the right conditions, . . .

Coming to a store near you
A store coming near to you

Additional SySTEM Alert! Vol. 6, No. 5 article: Automation, farm to table What to do? You need a few items from the grocery store, but you are stuck at home. Easy. Make the grocery store come to you. This service isn’t a . . .

2018 Pitsco TAG team excited to positively affect learners

In January, Pitsco announced the members of its 2018 Teacher Advisory Group (TAG). This year, 19 incredible educators will share their expertise, their experience, and their time with Pitsco’s development and marketing teams to support the . . .

Grow your own . . . teachers

High schoolers in CA experience Pitsco Missions professional development

ANAHEIM, CA – Progressive high schools can boast about their career pathway programs for engineering, medical sciences, technology, and digital media. But what about education? If high school students don’t find an equally enticing path . . .