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TETRIX® MAX Mecanum Wheels

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Increase the maneuverability of your TETRIX® MAX robot with our Mecanum wheels! These wheels are designed to use four motors each controlling one wheel, so now your robot can move at any angle without turning and with smoother motion using holonomic behavior. Aligning with the TETRIX hole pattern, the wheels come fully assembled, including the hub, and are a breeze to attach to your TETRIX MAX robot.

Made of a durable Delrin plastic inner core, high-strength blue anodized aluminum roller plates, a Delrin plastic inner roller core, and molded-on rubber outer roller, all built on steel roller pins, these Mecanum wheels are made for intense competition. You can confidently support a 65-pound robot when four of the TETRIX Mecanum Wheels are used as drive wheels.

Hubs feature a 6 mm D-shaft compatible with the TETRIX MAX TorqueNADO® Motor and TETRIX 6 mm Axles.

Primarily used as drive wheels, the full set consists of two A wheels and two B wheels and should be configured in an X pattern (A on front left and rear right and B on front right and rear left) when your robot is viewed from above. If you are looking for replacements or alternative uses such as a launcher, the single Mecanum wheels might be the right option for your robot.


Type: Robotics Elements/Motion Elements Grades: 9-12





  • Number of Rollers: 9 per wheel
  • Number of Plates: 2 per wheel
  • Roller Material: Neoprene rubber
  • Body Material: High-strength aluminum
  • Weight: 350 g per wheel and hub
  • Diameter: 98 mm per wheel
  • Width: 45 mm per wheel (plate to plate)
  • Nominal Length of Roller: 40 mm
  • Load Capacity: 65 lb

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