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Featured Videos

RoboBench: Choosing Motors & Servos
Do you have difficulty choosing between a DC motor and a servo? Pitsco's Tim Lankford provides tips for knowing when to use each source of power on your robots.
Date Added 8/13/2015
Introduction to TETRIX PRIZM Robotics Controller
Coding in the classroom is easier than ever with the TETRIX ® PRIZM ® Robotics Controller that uses the Arduino Software (IDE) platform. Want to know all the details? TETRIX designer Paul Uttley discusses all the PRIZM features with RoboBench’s Tim Lankford.
Date Added 9/14/2016
Learning with the PRIME Crane Bot
This TETRIX ® PRIME Expansion Set hero model, the Crane Bot, is a great way to illustrate how simple machines concepts are applied in robotics. It also shows how to use the PRIME Anchor Blocks to create unique connection points.
Date Added 2/07/2017
Introducing the TETRIX PULSE Robotics Controller
The new TETRIX ® PULSE™ Robotics Controller allows you to build autonomous robots from the PRIME building system. Join Pitsco’s Tim Lankford and Tammy Pankey for the first in the series of programming activity videos based on the PULSE Programming Guide .
Date Added 9/11/2017
Experiment with the T-Bot II
Pick-and-place robotics is common in real-world robotics applications, and you can add it to your classroom with this T-Bot ® II activity that adds the element of competition.
Date Added 9/14/2016
Adding PRIZM to the TrackBot
Adding the TETRIX PRIZM robotics controller to an existing robot needn't be a daunting task. RoboBench's Tim Lankford will show you how it's done on the MAX TrackBot. Want the code? Click here.
Date Added 3/14/2017
Getting Creative with Sensors
Get more out of your robot builds! In this video, Tim Lankford shows how to get creative with existing robot builds, such as the MiniMax, by adding the TETRIX ® PRIZM ® controller and using basic sensors to complete interesting functions. href="">Download the build instructions and start on page 55. Want the line following code? Click here !
Date Added 4/11/2017
Adding PRIZM to the TETRIX MAX WorkCell
Automation in manufacturing is a reality in today’s world. If you’ve already built the TETRIX ® MAX WorkCell model, you can take that build to the next level by adding the PRIZM ® controller to automate the system like it would be in the real world.Click to download these building instructions .
Date Added 6/09/2017

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Future-relevant learning – design, code, and build robots

Robotics, automation, and control technology is everywhere – even in the palm of our hands now that everyone has a smartphone. Give your students a head start in putting robotics to use while building logical thinking skills and practicing problem-solving in a real-world context.