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Everyday STEM Unit 3: Structures Found in Everyday Lessons – A Children’s Engineering Series

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Elementary teachers have little time in their day to insert another initiative. Everyday STEM Professional Development Units guide teachers in connecting STEM concepts within their everyday lessons and activities.

This professional development unit builds upon Everyday STEM Unit 2 and takes a deeper dive into the exploration of structures which are much more than buildings, bridges, and monuments.

Structures Found in Everyday Lessons was developed specifically to help elementary educators understand that they already teach about structures in many of their activities. Teachers learn to identify and classify structures included in their daily lessons and how to integrate discussions of structures without changing what they already teach.

The Children’s Engineering: Beyond the Basics book helps educators recognize the technology already in their curriculum – and provides 12 cross-curricular activities.

This unit contains materials for hosting a 90-minute local workshop that is perfect for both new and seasoned teachers who want to integrate STEM in their classrooms.

Recommended but not included:

  • Additional copies of Children’s Engineering: A Handbook for Elementary Educators – one per workshop participant


Type: Activity Guides and Curriculum/Teacher's Guides Grades: K-5



Learning Values

  • Structures
  • Designing structures
  • Problem solving
  • Materials and processes
  • Civil engineering
  • Design & creativity
  • Venn diagrams