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Parametric Studio Conveyer Belt

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With Parametric Studio education kits, students will create exciting projects in real life and then extend their exploration of their creation using augmented reality (AR) and virtual gamification. Two ways to use = two times the fun + two times the learning!

With the Conveyor Belt kit, students create their own take on the classic machine. Users explore the basic of mechanics and material transport, enhance their craft of data collection and analysis, and more as they play with the angle of the belt to build their perfect contraption.

This 24-student class pack comes with directions and standards-aligned STEM lessons. Have more than 24 students in your class? Single add-ons are also available for purchase.

Real-World Exploration
Each kit includes an easy-to-follow instructional guide that uses photos and written steps to help students assemble a fully functional machine. Parametric’s durable kits can be built and reused several times over.

Augmented Reality with Newton AR
You’ll receive AR cards for use with the FREE Newton AR app that lets students put their conveyer belt to the virtual test.

The immersive AR technology adds an awesome learning extension to each kit, but it is not required to meet the standard alignments. Only one device would be needed per small group of 4-6 students.

To use Newton AR, students lay out target cards as directed in the instructions. The app can simulate the maker kit’s performance, represent flow of a contraption, link parts of a puzzle together, and be used for quick prototyping. Students can even record their own demo walkthrough videos within the app!


Type: Multi-Student Project Packs Grades: 3-5



  • Assembly Method: Snap-together pieces; glue
  • Lessons: 45-minute activities; initial assembly may take longer
  • Compatibility: iOS devices, iPhone 6, 6th-generation iPad, or later (not required to cover standards and learning objectives)

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“Newton AR is kind of like this mixture of a design sandbox game and a tabletop game. Because of the Next Gen science standards, students really need such tools at all levels.”

– Chris Whitmer, Parametric Studio founder and CTO