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Featured Videos

Build the T-Bot II
Building the hydraulic T-Bot ® II can be quicker and easier! Staffer Nevin Jones will guide you through building the subcomponents, completing full assembly, and adding and filling the hydraulic system. Visit for more information.
Date Added 9/13/2016
TETRIX MAX Ranger Build
Follow along as Tim Lankford shows you how to build the Ranger robot step by step.
Date Added 2/09/2017
Educator Review: AP Bottle Racer
Learn why two of our Teacher Advisory Group members, a middle school teacher and a STEM teacher, love the AP Bottle Racer: ease of construction, a variety of connected science and engineering concepts, graphing, and real-world connections that make this a student-centered activity with relevance.
Date Added 11/05/2015
Educator Review: Can Crusher
What a better way to demonstrate the power of hydraulic systems than by crushing metal? See why two of our TAG members, a middle school and high school teacher, utilize the Pitsco Can Crusher hydraulic demonstration in their classrooms, as well as the other ways they use this tool for active learning.
Date Added 11/09/2015

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Teach across the curriculum with engineering

More than any other discipline, engineering enables students to apply their math, science, and technology knowledge and skills together to design and test new ideas. Pitsco Education kits, supplies, and activities are perfect for building an engineering-rich classroom with integrated, real-world experiences for students.