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Boost Student Exploration of How the World Works

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Featured Videos

T-Bot II with Challenge Set
Hydraulics? Mechanics? Try power learning with this combo! The T-Bot II can be used for a range of ages and educational concepts – from showing third graders how to work together to helping college students explore load and effort forces. From basic maneuvers to team-building, this Pitsco Exclusive can enable students to do more.
Date Added 2/19/2018
Kinesthetic Learning with STEM in the Gym
Active learning takes on new meaning with this elementary curriculum that combines the movement of physical education classes with STEM concepts. Students move and develop teamwork as they learn about simple machines, work and effort, and much more!
Date Added 12/13/2012
Educator Review: Rolling Trebuchet
See what our TAG team members say about the potential of the Pitsco Rolling Trebuchet Kit: experiencing the forces at work, learning simple machines at work, or even creating your own Punkin’ Chunkin’ contest! This project brings collaboration and problem solving to a new level of fun.
Date Added 11/17/2015
Build a TETRIX PRIME Wheelee Bot
Building a robot takes attention to detail. In this video, Robotics Application Specialist Tim Lankford demonstrates these details while constructing a TETRIX ® PRIME Wheelee Bot. You’ll be driving this three-wheeled, remote-controlled robot in no time. To learn more about TETRIX Prime, visit
Date Added 9/07/2016

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Form a foundation for learning with mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is required for every part of our lives, and incorporating mechanical engineering curriculum into your classroom gives students a solid understanding of simple machines, mechanical advantage, acceleration, and more. Pitsco Education’s mechanical engineering activities and curricula bring these foundational concepts to life and transform students’ thinking as they see the possibilities for their own careers and academic paths.