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Straw Rocket Launcher

A Pitsco Exclusive
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Students can build their own straw rockets and test them on the Straw Rocket Launcher. Just like early rocket pioneer Robert Goddard, they can conduct scientific experiments by varying the trajectory angle and launch energy. These rockets can travel up to 50 feet!

The Straw Rocket Launcher uses pneumatic force created by releasing a weighted drop rod in the cylinder to launch rockets. The force of the launch can be controlled by varying the release height of the rod. The launcher features:

  • Simple operation
  • Adjustable trajectory angle with angle gauge
  • Clear tube that displays internal parts
  • Adjustable launch force

Building straw rockets is a fun, inexpensive activity and a great way to introduce students to rocketry. Use with Precision Straws, sold separately. Recommended for use in a large, open indoor area such as a gymnasium.


Type: Tools and Equipment/Launching and Testing Grades: K-12
SKU: W20426

What You'll Get

  • Straw Rocket Launcher, assembled
  • Tube of silicon-based lubricant


Learning Values

  • Center of gravity/pressure
  • Force and motion
  • Projectile motion
  • Thrust
  • Calibrations
  • Design processes
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Problem-solving
  • Modeling
  • Observations/analysis
  • Prediction
  • Testing and evaluating a solution
  • Data analysis/prediction
  • Data collection/graphs
  • Measuring angles/lengths
  • Precision


  • Rating: The drop rod for the Straw Rocket Launcher weighs 458 grams
  • Dimensions: 9" x 11" x 25"
  • Tools and Materials Required: Built straw rockets, safety goggles

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“The straw rockets unit is one of my students’ favorite activities. They absolutely love designing, building, and testing their rockets. You can hear their excitement build when they use the Pitsco launcher and watch their rockets fly down the designated path. Using straw rockets provides an excellent opportunity to integrate STEM skills into your curriculum.”

– Joan Gillman, former fourth- and fifth-grade teacher