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Take Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking to New Heights

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Build the AP Rocket and Glider
Building and launching AP Rockets and Gliders has never been easier than now with these instructions from staffer Nevin Jones. He illustrates the techniques needed to provide a successful hands-on rocketry activity. Visit for more information about this product.
Date Added 9/02/2016
Experiment with the AP Rocket and Glider
Build communication and collaboration with this investigation activity for the AP Rocket and Glider. Students partner up to test a glider, record the flight results, and then evaluate the glider's performance while considering the concepts of thrust, drag, and lift.
Date Added 9/02/2016
Apply It: AP Rocket and Glider
A real-life application of a glider? See how the Dream Chaser , a glider-type vehicle used by NASA, is similar to the AP Rocket and Glider you built.
Date Added 9/02/2016
Educator Review: Parachute Drop
Pitsco Teacher Advisory Group members discuss how the Parachute Drop is a great problem-solving activity that is ideal for teaching about designing and testing for different variables as well as accuracy and graphing.
Date Added 11/17/2015

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Take your STEM curriculum to the skies

Acceleration, speed, velocity, load – bring all these to life inside your classroom and outside your school with kites, rockets, planes, parachutes, gliders, and balloons. Aerospace projects from Pitsco Education pack a punch – they combine powerful learning opportunities with affordable supplies and equipment for any classroom.