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Engaging and Empowering Students

Success Stories

Since 1971, student-centric learning has been our core focus. This approach has resulted in story after story of student and educator success. We foster said success with educator enablement and active learning. We provide products, activities, curricula, and solutions that help bring lessons to life. We wholeheartedly believe when students are engaged in hands-on, minds-on work, they collaborate, they communicate, and they flourish. Moreover, this approach allows educators to have the opportunity to serve students at all levels and establish genuine connections. Talk about win-win!

There are countless stories we can share. There are testimonials of triumphs in the classroom, stories of unexpected growth and development, and examples of inspiration. Read on.

Featured Success Stories

Find many more accounts of light bulb moments, improved scores, and enlivened classrooms.

“I have not walked into the STEM lab, not once, where the kids aren’t just completely immersed and operating at a high level of engagement. . . . There’s an authentic play going on and they’re learning. There’s a lot of dialogue.”

– Dr. Samuel Bueno, superintendent, San Diego (TX) ISD

“A hands-on, minds-on lesson plan usually involves many props. Some of these can be cheaply imitated online, through YouTube, through social media, and so on. This is not only dangerous, but also the makeshift objects are not sustainable. I recently was introduced to Pitsco products and could not be more impressed with the quality, diversity, and range of product lines.”

– Kristy Helberg, program specialist, 4-H Camp Palmer, Fayette, Ohio

“What I love about STREAM and what I’ve seen in the past year is that it is essential to reaching students who may not excel in that traditional classroom by giving them the opportunities to discover who they are, what they love, and even potentially what they want to do when they grow up. I’ve seen that happen in this past year, and it’s remarkable.”

– Matthew Way, STREAM lab facilitator, Sweeny Elementary School, Sweeny, Texas