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We strive to offer what you need when you need it. As a company of educators and industry professionals, we have the capacity to create products from idea to implementation, right down to your classroom’s furniture! Our latest program-related brochures and guides detail more about each offering.

“In order to let kids learn, we must let them do. In order to let them do, we must give them hands-on experiences with relevancy. Students will own their learning if we let them.”

– Harvey Dean, founder, former educator

“It’s one thing to make products and another thing to make a product that can work in a classroom. . . . Yes, all of them have products, but there is no comparison to Pitsco.”

– Chendra Garikipati, co-owner, Minerva Learning Systems, India

“If I could have a STEM lab for every classroom in our school, this probably would be the best school in the United States because I see how our students are engaged in our Pitsco lab.”

– Jeff Torrence, principal, Honeysuckle Middle School, Dothan, Alabama