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Pitsco unveils new TETRIX® MAX Gripper Kit

New kit offers increased load capacity and range for classroom robotics

Published October 17, 2018

PITTSBURG, KS (October 17, 2018) – Exploring concepts such as mass, area, and load just got a little easier, thanks to Pitsco Education's new TETRIX® MAX Gripper Kit.

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The MAX gripper kit joins its predecessor, the PRIME gripper kit, as a welcome addition to the TETRIX line. "Once we introduced the PRIME gripper, teachers started asking for one they could use with their MAX robots," explained Robotics Applications Specialist Tim Lankford. "It was like, 'Oh! Can I get one of those for MAX?'"

So Pitsco's R&D team went to work creating a sturdier, more robust gripper worthy of the MAX line. Made of ABS plastic, the new gripper integrates the patented MAX hole pattern, increasing its range of motion as well as the mounting options. "That hole pattern gives builders more ways to mount their gripper," said Lankford, "which results in more creativity in the build."

The MAX gripper also has an increased capacity and range, with larger jaws that open wider. In addition to the increased range, the gripper sports thicker, longer gripper plates, reinforced arms, and removable gripper extension rails for increased strength and versatility. And the curved jaws and flat surfaces provide a more versatile gripping surface that easily accommodates both flat and round objects.

The TETRIX MAX Gripper Kit, designed for Grades 9-12, comes with all hardware and screws necessary to build the gripper and connect it to a standard servo (sold separately).



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