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Making space in your makerspace

Maker Space Cart among new items in Pitsco's 2017-18 catalog

Published October 16, 2017

PITTSBURG, KS (October 16, 2017) – A makerspace brings excitement, creativity, and discovery to students. The tools and materials enable students' imagination to thrive. With the 2017-2018 Pitsco Maker Space catalog, teachers have even more options to fuel exploration and experimentation from elementary to high school and better storage options including the new Maker Space Cart.

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The Pitsco Maker Space catalog features Maker Projects for every grade. Projects can serve 12 to 50 students depending on the products, and they come with all the materials needed to create the project plus labels, a storage bin, and a bin prep sheet to aid in organization. With more than 40 projects, teachers can find something for all types of learners. Some examples of projects are toolbox racers and parachutes for elementary, maglev vehicles and roller coasters for middle level, and CO2 dragsters and ray catchers for high school.

Every Maker Project comes with essential questions and career connections for teachers to connect the activity with their classroom lessons. The essential questions spark conversations among students during their exploration of STEM connections, opening the door to more connections during the activities.

With multiple Maker Projects happening in one makerspace, the work area could get a little chaotic. To help teachers keep a makerspace tidy and organized, Pitsco has created the Pitsco Maker Space Cart. This cart sits on four wheels and comes with nine small bins and 12 medium bins that fit on racks in the cart. The cart can also fit large bins stacked on top of each other on the inside. Pegboard lines the sides of the cart so racks and extra hangers can be placed for more storage along with a handy tube to store balsa sticks. With this cart, any makerspace is sure to be more organized.

    In addition to Maker Projects, there are also screen printing, 3-D printing, and robotics packages perfect for any makerspace. Have students design their own shirts, print their own objects, or design and code their own robots. These packages and other items such as tool packages, storage options, and various pieces of furniture enable teachers to tailor a makerspace to fit all students' needs.

    The 2017-2018 Pitsco Maker Space catalog features 57 pages of the things a teacher needs to create a fully stocked makerspace for students to follow their imagination. Request a free printed copy or download it today: www.pitsco.com/CatalogRequest.



    “I wanted [Missions] because I know how impactful STEM can be for the entire school, the entire school culture. I’m all about the whole child. It’s not just about reading or writing or math. It’s about every child has some talent somewhere; you just have to find it.”

    – Jay Parker, principal, Wallace Elementary School, Wallace, North Carolina

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