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Pitsco STEM Boxes deliver hands-on, minds-on learning into homes

Published May 7, 2020

PITTSBURG, KS (May 7, 2020) – Teaching and learning look different right now for educators and students across the globe. Resources, newfound methods, and much adaptability and innovation have been evidenced in the past weeks. And they continue to be seen. In this uncommon experience, we believe engaging educational opportunities are still critical. Pitsco's new STEM Boxes, suited for K-12 learners, each provide 15 activities and hours of hands-on, minds-on experiences.

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Health, safety, education, and social needs are typically juggled priorities for educators across the country. That hasn't changed, but communication and delivery methods, along with learning environments, have. In response, Pitsco has added to its regularly expanding STEM @ Home page that offers free activities, ideas, articles, downloads, and other resources.

Pitsco Education fundamentally believes preparing future-ready students requires hands-on experience – not knowledge transfer. Further, these experiences develop skills such as collaboration, effective communication, and resiliency, which prepare students to face the unknowns and complications of today's world and the future not unlike the global uncertainties we've been gripped with as of late.

To provide a go-to, complete, hands-on solution, we've just released STEM Boxes. Each box contains hands-on materials and at-home curriculum with step-by-step instructions to support four to five projects and 15 activities, each designed for a 20-minute experience at minimum, making it possible for hours of fun, purposeful, student-led learning to happen at home. Three grade-level based boxes are available:

  • STEM Explorer Pack: Intended for kindergarten through fifth-grade students, the STEM Explorer Pack features activities across science, technology, engineering, and math that incorporate reading, art, and more! Projects you can make include tilting mazes, bird feeders, musical instruments, parachutes, and large structures.
  • STEM Creator Pack: This pack is intended for students in Grades 6-8. Projects that span the STREAM spectrum are catapults, balloon cars, da Vinci bridges, students' own inventions, and friction climbers.
  • STEM Innovator Pack: Intended for students in Grades 9-12, all activities in this pack aim to have learners create, discover, and innovate! Projects include catapults, trebuchets, kites, and solar cars.

STEM Boxes are ideal for learning at home but can also be used as a center activity in the classroom, summer camp, or after-school program. Each box is currently offered discounted more than 40 percent and ships free to the lower 48 states.

Additionally, in cooperation with the TGR Foundation, we are now offering the Family Design Challenges Kit with activities specifically created for families in order to increase engagement at home and teach STEM concepts. Designed for Grades 3-8, this kit includes materials and instruction for three weeks of activities. Instructions are available in English and Spanish languages.

Pitsco's goal has always been to positively affect the lives of learners with excellent materials, curriculum, and unparalleled educator support. We're now extending that support to parents who are co-working and co-teaching. Let's help students continue their education and thrive while learning from home or in the classroom!



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