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FIRST® Tech Challenge teams can raise a RUCKUSSM with TETRIX®

Teams can get a 25 percent discount on Pitsco's robust building system

Published September 10, 2018

PITTSBURG, KS (September 11, 2018) – The 2018-19 FIRST® Tech Challenge season officially began recently when kickoff events around the globe revealed the season's new game.

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ROVER RUCKUSSM follows previous game formats in which teams form alliances that compete in head-to-head challenges. However, this year's teams have to overcome a new engineering hurdle: getting their robots to scale crater rims. The space-themed challenge has teams climbing into craters, collecting and depositing silver and gold "minerals," and hanging onto a lunar lander to gain extra points.

The new game demands strength, agility, and durability from robots – and Pitsco's TETRIX® MAX has just what teams need to build such a robot. TETRIX has been the preferred system for FIRST Tech Challenge teams for years, and it's easy to see why. For a durable, adaptable build, teams need a set designed specifically for the FIRST Tech Challenge, and TETRIX delivers time and again. The TETRIX FIRST Tech Challenge Competition Set was cocreated by event designers, partners, and past competitors, which means every element of the set was included purposefully.

Competition robots need lots of power. And nothing says power like the TETRIX MAX TorqueNADO® Motor. Based on user feedback and created specifically to withstand the stress of intense robotics competitions, this 12-volt DC motor has 100 rpm, 700 oz-in. of torque, and a built-in, high-resolution Hall effect encoder for precise motor control.

In addition to a good motor, teams need a strong chassis to conquer the 2018-2019 field. The craters on the course, for example, present an exciting new twist. "I'm excited about the engineering challenge," said Pitsco R&D Manager Paul Uttley. "This year's game should require some heavy-duty chassis builds."

TETRIX has teams covered here as well. Extras such as the tank tread kit, all-terrain tires, and the sprocket and chain pack could prove invaluable when navigating the new terrain. And to beef up their robot's drive system, teams can choose from some new TETRIX parts. The new 28 mm stand-off posts are great for reinforcing the inside walls of channels, and the 6 mm axles and bushings, both included in the hub and axle pack, will add extra strength and durability to any chassis. These parts and more can be found in the TETRIX FIRST Tech Challenge Parts Store. And don't forget, registered FIRST Tech Challenge teams can take advantage of a 25 percent discount throughout the season.

Teams looking for extra support can find it through several available TETRIX resources. More than 80 TETRIX videos – including RoboBench videos – giving in-depth details on parts as well as tips and help with troubleshooting can be found in the Pitsco Video Gallery.

On or off the field, FIRST Tech Challenge teams can count on TETRIX to help them tackle their challenges – no matter how tough the terrain.



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