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CrossFlight, Pitsco Education join forces to offer comprehensive drone education and training

Published June 18, 2020


PITTSBURG, KS (June 18, 2020) – The rapid development of drones for commercial, military, and personal use has brought together experts in small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) and STEM education who also have their sights set on developing a national drone competition. CrossFlight Sky Solutions, an industry leader in sUAS training and consulting services, has joined forces with Pitsco Education to offer drone curriculum and training that can lead to federal certification.

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"CrossFlight Sky Solutions is excited to partner with Pitsco and looks forward to adding value to our world-class products, training, and support with our brand-new curriculum and expert instruction," said CrossFlight Vice President Justin Robinson. "Like Pitsco, CrossFlight is a forward-looking, student-oriented company that seeks to advance drone education within the United States through superior content, positive experiences, and workforce development."

Pitsco Vice President of Education Matt Frankenbery added that expansion into drone education was a natural next step for a company that has developed and sold hands-on, STEM-focused curriculum and materials for nearly half a century. 

"CrossFlight desires to educate today's students in proper drone operation and safety as they learn about dozens of careers connected to small unmanned aircraft systems," Frankenbery said. "Pitsco sees drones as a quintessential educational tool for preparing engineers, technicians, and operators for entry into a nearly $100 billion industry."

Schools and districts that want to establish courses and pathways for drone career exploration and preparation can choose from several combinations of equipment, standards-based curriculum, and professional development for teachers.

Offerings include:

  • Pitsco Education's proprietary middle-level curriculum and field elements kit with drone arena
  • CrossFlight's program for Grades 11-12:
    • Two curriculum options: 1) a 40-hour (nine-week) unit plus self-study for federal Part 107 certification test; and 2) a 135-hour (yearlong) course covering all FAA/FAR Part 107 standards
    • Best-in-class education and commercial drone technology
    • Professional development for teachers including preparation for the FAA Part 107 certification exam and in-person flight training delivered by certified professionals

Pitsco and CrossFlight curriculum developers are members of a steering committee to develop a national drone competition through SkillsUSA®, scheduled to debut at the state and national levels as a demonstration event in 2021. Such opportunities for students to practice their technical and soft skills prepare them for real-world drone challenges.

"CrossFlight feels that students today have already shaped the technological landscape in a way unique to their generation," Robinson said. "We desire to meet them where they are and elevate their perspective even further by giving them the mind-set of an aviator who understands the various factors and regulations required to be successful in the sUAS industry."




Pitsco Education is the leading provider of hands-on K-12 STEM solutions. STEM education prepares learners for the future through the integration of science, technology, engineering, and math concepts using relevant hands-on applications to connect school, community, and work. Our various products, activities, curriculum, and solutions promote positive learning experiences and continued classroom success.

CrossFlight Sky Solutions has a vision to become the US and industry leader in delivering premier aerial inspections, UAS training, and consulting services. We strive to educate and train students to safely and efficiently operate and understand the capabilities and limitations of commercial drones. We desire to introduce a younger generation to drones through industry-leading STEM education in high schools and to enhance student learning and exposure to careers in aviation, robotics, communications, and other technical fields.

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“It [the Missions program] was not prepackaged, it was customized to our needs. I don’t know another vendor that compares to this level of customization and professionalism.”

– Sharrah Pharr, PhD, director of federal programs and grants, Hays CISD, Kyle, Texas

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