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Code Cube: The educational wearable, codable device

New coding solution from Pitsco Education also puts the A in STEAM

Published September 23, 2019

PITTSBURG, KS (September 23, 2019) – The cube you see attached to students' wrists with LED images scrolling across the screen and beeping a little ditty? Oh, the students coded that themselves.

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Pitsco Education's newest creation, Code Cube, is perfect for presenting coding concepts to both boys and girls at the upper-elementary level. The wearable tech learning tool offers both teachers and students a true coding experience – and it's not based around a robot.

Because of this open-ended design, Code Cube really puts the A in STEAM as it implements objective logic and code to develop something subjective, creative, and personalized. 

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With only one piece of programmable hardware, Code Cube is designed to teach potentially intimidating coding concepts, such as if-then statements and loops, in a no-fear environment. Students program Code Cube using block-based software similar to Google's Blockly; this application functions in a web browser, so the tool will always be up to date. A pack of nine standards-based lessons with a variety of open-ended projects is included with the solution. Each straightforward activity introduces a coding skill to students and then gives them free range to apply that skill to their Code Cube.

As students work through the activities, they learn how to design and interact with the Code Cube's programmable 64-pixel LED screen, accelerometer, and sound output features. Some of the open-ended activities have students bitmap the screen to create a shape-shifting creature, draw up a treasure map, and celebrate a holiday in any animated or stationary form they choose as well as write a song to accompany their visual component; students can also adjust the commands to change based on the angle of the Code Cube. Because of this open-ended design, Code Cube really puts the A in STEAM as it implements objective logic and code to develop something subjective, creative, and personalized. This means it's also wide open for teachers to create activities that enable students to showcase their individuality.

The Code Cube can be purchased individually or as a 10-pack for use in the classroom. Each individual box comes with a slap band for Code Cube to be worn as a wristband and a USB cable for charging and connectivity to the software. And Code Cube has a long-lasting battery; the device even turns off after one minute of inactivity to conserve battery life. But if your classroom set needs a quick recharge, the 10-pack comes with a multi-charger to help you out.

Code Cube will officially be available starting December 1, but you can preorder it now for just $49.95 at Pitsco.com/CodeCube or by calling 800-835-0686.




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“What I took away from the seminar and STEM Camp was an excitement to see how the students and teachers would adapt to the new STEM programs. I felt more confident in my role as the teacher in leading and assisting my students to be successful.”

– Jana Price, engineering instructor, UMS-Wright Preparatory School, Mobile, Alabama

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