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Pitsco Grants Guide

Free advice on how to get free funding – learn what’s available to you

Published September 4, 2019

So, you have a vision for serving your students and need the funds to make it happen. School and department budgets aren’t always sufficient. Fortunately, numerous federal agencies, corporate foundations, nonprofit charities, and others exist to connect worthy projects to grants and other funding streams.

Whether you seek to fund a robotics engineering unit, a makerspace within your school’s library, a rocketry and aeronautics club, or an Expeditions lab with a focus on regional industries, the Pitsco Education Grants Guide will give you the footing needed to take the next step toward funding that could make your dream a reality.


In our era there is great federal interest in the potential of STEM/STEAM/STREAM education to address the expected challenges of our future. The priorities of the US Department of Education are set by the agenda of the current administration, which usually reflects ongoing national trends. If your vision for students harmonizes with the Department of Education’s official mission to “promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access,” then your project is potentially fundable through a federal grant.


Private-sector and third-sector bodies such as corporate foundations and nonprofit organizations offer a diverse and often untamed hunting ground for STEM/STEAM/STREAM funding. Organizations for charitable giving often gift funds in accord with tightly focused or niche aims targeted at specific regions or situations.


In one sense, crowdfunding offers the most open-ended form of funding search. The concept is simple. You make a pitch, and anyone who feels compelled (or anyone you invite) to fund your project may do so. There is less requirement to fit within a predefined agenda. But at the same time, there can be considerations and restrictions not present with other funding sources. Among the most popular crowdfunding sources:

  • – This platform strives to help educators find funding for projects and programs outside of school funding.
  • – Perhaps the most well-known crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter funds creative projects of all types.
  • – According to the site, education is the platform’s fastest-growing category.
  • – In the words of one of the site’s creators, the platform is “all about allowing anybody to raise money for any idea.”

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