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E-learning: convenience, pace, review, and more

Published March 4, 2021

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You’ve heard about Pitsco Education’s wearable tech, Code Cube™, and that it’s a great way to get your students coding. You hop on the website and visit Pitsco.com/Code-Cube-Single-Kit and notice – hey, Pitsco has an e-learning course for the Code Cube. Your interest is piqued. Just how is the e-learning course comparable to a face-to-face session? Let’s examine a few of the aspects.

Complete at your pace: We’ve all been there. You participate in a professional development session where you need just a little more time to work on understanding the topic. Or, you were on the other side of the spectrum – the topic is familiar, and you’re ready to move on. But, because you’re there in a group and support the other attendees, you all move at the same pace. With e-learning courses, YOU set the pace. You want to do a little each day during your prep period? Awesome! You want to knock it out in one day? Sweet! It’s up to you. Our platform will keep track of what you’ve completed, so whether you leave for a day or an hour, we’ll bring you back where you left off!

Wait, I forgot. How do I. . . ? The beginning of the school year is often an overload of information. You’re frontloaded with so many different topics. But you don’t apply them all right away – we all know what happens then. You forget. And that’s OK. You might not use Code Cube right away with your class. That means you can complete the e-learning course when you first purchase your Code Cube and refresh the knowledge before you implement. Or, you can put off the e-learning course until you’re ready to teach Code Cube to your students. Either way, you have the tools at your fingertips for a successful implementation!

Hands-on learning: You know that hands-on experience is crucial to learning, and you integrate it into your lessons. Our e-learning course provides plenty of opportunities to practice what you’re learning. We’ll walk you through the basics of programming Code Cube, and you’ll be displaying images, implementing conditional statements, and utilizing loops like a pro in no time. Plus, the activities you do will be the same ones your students go through, giving you a head start on your lesson plans.

Build confidence with coding: For some of us, coding is a little daunting. Even with Code Cube’s easy-to-use coding platform, jumping in can be a little scary. We’ve got you covered. Our Code Cube e-learning course takes you through the basics of coding as well as gives you plenty of opportunities to practice and explore. We talk about tips and strategies to help you teach coding as well as material management and being a successful STEM facilitator.

Comfort of your home: You want to complete the course in your pajamas? Go for it. You want to do the course work on a beach in Hawaii? Cool! Do it! As long as you have your device and a Wi-Fi connection, you’re good! (For the hands-on portion, you will need your Code Cube and a device on which to program).

Support: Our relationship with you is paramount at Pitsco Education. That means whether you complete the e-learning course or we conduct a face-to-face workshop, you’ll receive the exact same support. During the course, you’ll be in contact with a Pitsco facilitator who can answer questions, share ideas, or troubleshoot with you.

But wait, there’s more!

Pitsco Education will offer nine different e-learning courses to enhance your STEM teaching.

  • STEM Basics
  • Intro to Robotics
  • TETRIX MAX Programming
  • TETRIX PRIME Programming
  • Getting Started with STEM PBL
  • Creating STEM PBL
  • Code Cube™

“I worked with my group and made a really fun ride for a marble, and I made sure it had a soft place to land. We used our imaginations to be engineers.”

– Mercie, first-grade student (about the Exploring Transportation activity)

We enable young learners to develop the mind-set, skill set, and tool set needed for future success.

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