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Pre-Coding Penguins Bundle

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This charming waddle of penguins will inspire the use of directional and positional language as well as matching, problem-solving, patternmaking, logical-thinking, and sequencing skills. With instant appeal, this tactile resource is even robust enough to be used in ice, sand, and outdoors!

Use the included durable Pre-Coding Activity Cards to challenge and nurture children’s thinking and pre-programming skills. With colorful, photographic images throughout, this set will inspire the use of specific positional and directional language, matching, sequencing, patternmaking, and logical thinking.


Type: Multi-Student Project Packs Grades: Pre-K-2


What You'll Get

  • 18 penguins
  • 16 activity cards


  • Dimensions: 48 mm per penguin
  • Material: Cards are sturdy plastic
  • Brand: TTS

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