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TETRIX® Robo-Rail Pack

SKU: W92328
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TETRIX® Robo-Rails are the newest evolution of TETRIX structural building elements. This versatile building beam is designed to help you bring your TETRIX robot concept to reality quickly and easily. The 8 mm hole grid pattern allows for numerous connection options and full compatibility with existing TETRIX build elements, while the 8 mm center holes allow bushings to be inserted and rotating components to pass through. The full-length slots run parallel on each side, enabling you to create linear motion elements using slot rollers. Each Robo-Rail has threaded holes on each end, so you can build your robot mechanical structure without brackets and screw nuts, which saves time. Robo-Rails make an excellent foundational element when building a chassis using TorqueNADO® motors.

  • Made from 6063 aluminum for excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Closed-beam geometry for creating super strong robot builds
  • 8 mm grid hole spacing for screw fasteners
  • 8 mm center hole spacing for rotary mechanical motion using bronze bushings
  • Slots on each side for creating linear motion elements using rollers and v-wheels
  • Threaded holes on both ends for easy bolt-together construction


Type: Robotics Elements/Structural Elements Grades: 6-12


What You'll Get

  • 1-hole Robo-Rail
  • 2-hole Robo-Rail
  • 3-hole Robo-Rail
  • 5-hole Robo-Rail
  • 7-hole Robo-Rail
  • 9-hole Robo-Rail
  • 11-hole Robo-Rail
  • 13-hole Robo-Rail
  • 15-hole Robo-Rail
  • 17-hole Robo-Rail



  • Quantity: 10 Robo-Rails (one of each length)
  • Material: 6063 aluminum

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