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A Pitsco Exclusive


For the medieval catapult, stored tension equals the power of projectile motion – which now equals awesome learning power! Build and use this kit to demonstrate:

  • Force and motion.
  • Vectors.
  • Trajectory.
  • Potential and kinetic energy.
  • Simple machines.
  • Medieval history.

Plus, students can develop math, physics, and problem-solving skills by experimenting with the catapult to reach different distances with varying weights of ammunition (pieces of clay). Going back to the Dark Ages has never been so enlightening!

Looking for standards-based activities to accompany these materials? The Catapults Teacher’s Guide is available for print here, or you can download a digital copy for free here.

Order 30 kits to build a class pack!


Type: Project Kits Grades: 6-12


Latex Warning: This product contains latex and when in contact with skin it might result in an allergic reaction.

SDS Sheets

What You'll Get

  • Basswood laser-cut parts
  • Wooden dowels
  • Rubber band
  • Clay
  • Catapult Kit User Guide


Learning Values

  • Potential energy
  • Projectile motion
  • Force and motion
  • Systems
  • Historical perspectives
  • Data collection
  • Technological design
  • Modeling
  • Prediction
  • Measurements
  • Ratios
  • Graphing


  • Assembly Method: Gluing
  • Material: Basswood
  • Tools and Materials Required: White glue
  • Note: This product contains latex.

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