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Wheel Deal

SKU: W25500
A Pitsco Exclusive


The Pitsco Wheel Deal is the ideal tool for CO2-dragster wheel assembly. The Wheel Deal is a handy tool designed with two comfortable presses – one for hub insertion into a wheel, the other for final assembly of the wheels, washers, and axles onto the dragster. We’ve even included axle-height locators as an added feature. No more stubborn hubs, broken wheels, or difficult axles!

The Wheel Deal is a unique four-in-one tool that simplifies the following tasks of dragster building:

  • Marking axle height accurately
  • Assembling wheels and hubs
  • Inserting axles into wheels
  • Mounting wheels on car (reducing car damage)


Type: Tools and Equipment Grades: 3-12



  • Dimensions: 8-3/4" x 3/4" x 4"