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TETRIX® Tele-Op Control Module

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A Pitsco Exclusive
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The TETRIX® Tele-Op Control Module combines the programmability of autonomous bots with the human interface execution of a remote control, creating endless possibilities for creating robots with infinite behaviors and movements. A downloadable programming library for the TETRIX PRIZM® Robotics Controller makes it easy to implement a variety of movements and functions. What you control is limitless!

Currently compatible with TETRIX PRIZM Robotics Controller in combination with PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller.


Type: Robotics Elements/Control Elements Grades: 9-12


What You'll Get

  • TETRIX Tele-Op Control Module
  • TETRIX MAX Powerpole Extension Cable
  • Daisy chain data cable
  • USB Bluetooth dongle
  • 4-pin I2C port extension cable
  • Female to female 3-pin battery connection cable




  • Quantity: 1 controller
  • Weight: 44.2 g
  • Size: 73.8 mm x 65.8 mm x 22.6 mm
  • Material: Clear polycarbonate encasement
  • Other Products Required: Compatible with TETRIX PRIZM Robotics Controller in combination with PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 gaming controller, not included
  • Software Specifications: Supported software includes the Arduino Software (IDE) and the Arduino Web Editor.