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TETRIX® Flex-Build Robot Chassis

SKU: W92329
A Pitsco Exclusive
$475.00 (USD)
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The new TETRIX® Flex-Build Robot Chassis is an all-in-one set that contains everything you need to create a fully functioning base for your robot. Its TETRIX Robo-Rail structure, made from 6063 aluminum, provides a super strong and rigid frame construction. Four TorqueNADO® motors supply plenty of power for tough competition tasks. Two wheel styles are included: four Mecanum wheels and four 4" standard wheels, as well as motor mounts, axles, attachment hubs, hardware, and tools. The chassis can be assembled in several configurations so you can adapt your robot to your competition challenge demands. The Robo-Rail grid pattern enables you to fasten your robot’s scoring mechanisms such as intakes, lift arms, shooting devices, and anything else you can dream up!


Type: Robotics Elements/Structural Elements, Robotics Sets Grades: 9-12


What You'll Get

  • 2 Robo-Rails (7 hole)
  • 2 Robo-Rails (11 hole)
  • 4 Robo-Rails (17 hole)
  • 4 TorqueNADO Motors
  • 4 motor mounts
  • 4 Mecanum wheels
  • 4 standard wheels (4")
  • 4 motor shaft hubs
  • 100 socket head cap screws (6-32 x 7/8")
  • 100 socket head cap screws (6-32 x 1/2")
  • Hex key set
  • Ball-point hex driver



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