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TETRIX® MAX Rack and Pinion Linear Slide Pack

SKU: W39300
A Pitsco Exclusive
$21.95 (USD)
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Adding a forklift, conveyor, sorter, or other linear-motion component to robots is made simple with this pack. The rack gears – used individually or laid end to end – are attached to a TETRIX® Channel. The slide blocks and pinion gear go onto another channel that slides across the rack gears when powered by gears and a DC motor with motor mount, sold separately.


Type: Robotics Elements/Motion Elements Grades: 9-12


What You'll Get

  • 4 GF nylon rack gears (5" long)
  • 4 GF nylon slide blocks
  • Aluminum pinion gear (28-tooth)



  • Outside Diameter: Pinion gear 20.8 mm
  • Weight: 99.9 g per full slide

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