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Structures Testing Instrument 2.0

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Safe and simple to use like the Structure Tester, the Structures Testing Instrument offers more testing options and a streamlined design.

Using a turn-force wheel, students can apply up to 800 pounds of force to structures including balsa wood or basswood towers and bridges. Unlike previous structure testers, however, students can apply pressure in small increments and stop applying pressure at the first sign of structural damage – so they don’t have to destroy the structure to test it to the limit. And because the system captures both the peak load and the current load, the load that “breaks” the structure is displayed. Because the load reading is given at every change, students can follow a precise pattern to ensure consistent testing in a classroom setting.

Included software graphs the force versus time per structure. Save or print the data to analyze it later. The tester connects to a Windows computer via a USB cable, which is included. This software also enables teachers to connect the computer to a projector to display testing data in the classroom.

Tester features include:

  • Quick and convenient testing
  • Load-cell technology
  • Versatility – test both bridges and towers
  • Safety shield for tower testing
  • Easy-to-read digital display
  • Measures force in pounds, kilograms, and newtons

Software works with Windows XP/Vista/7/10/11 and a USB port; tester requires a standard 120-volt wall outlet.


Type: Tools and Equipment/Launching and Testing Grades: 6-12


What You'll Get

  • The Pitsco Bridge Book
  • Model Tower student guide
  • Structures Testing Instrument
  • Acrylic tower shield
  • 6 roadbed load blocks
  • 2 span columns
  • 2 structure supports
  • 2 span locking pins
  • USB cable
  • Threaded rods
  • Tower load plate
  • Washer, hex nut, and wing nut
  • Power supply



Learning Values

  • Equilibrium
  • Forces
  • Modeling
  • Structures
  • Construction
  • Design processes
  • Historical perspectives
  • Testing
  • Data analysis
  • Design aesthetics
  • Engineering design
  • Technological design
  • Angles
  • Efficiency
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Symmetry


  • Dimensions: 23" x 8.5" x 8"

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