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Torsion Ballista

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Inspired by the ancient Greek and Roman ballistae, this kit uses torsion on both sides of the bow arm to fling Styrofoam balls across the classroom! Great for demonstrating how torque can be applied to create power as well as potential and kinetic energies and projectile motion.

Requires a small screwdriver, white glue, scissors, and ruler, sold separately. Available as a single kit or a pack of 10 kits.


Type: Multi-Student Project Packs, Project Kits Grades: 6-12


Learning Values

  • Force and motion
  • Potential energy
  • Projectile motion
  • Torsion
  • Data collection
  • Historical perspectives
  • Systems
  • Modeling
  • Prediction
  • Technological design
  • Graphing
  • Measurements
  • Ratios


  • Tools and Materials Required: Small screwdriver, white glue, scissors, and ruler
  • Assembly Method: Gluing and screwing
  • Material: Laser-cut basswood
  • Dimensions: 6" x 7" x 3-1/8"

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