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AP (Air-Powered) Dragster Launcher

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Searching for an introduction to racing that delivers the same excitement in the classroom as CO2 dragsters? The AP dragster activity provides a fun and safe racing experience for a fraction of the price.

This racing system is small enough that you can run a race in the classroom or hallway and then easily store the unit. To use the AP Dragster Launcher, just attach an air pump, slide two air-powered vehicles onto the launch tubes, pump to build air pressure, and press the button to simultaneously launch two cars down a 35- to 40-foot track! The launcher comes with a string anchor, which includes a spring-tension feature to maintain even string tension.

Using the AP Dragster GS Pack, a class of students can create a vehicle based on aerodynamics and other racing principles. Or, use the AP Mini Dragster Kit to demonstrate potential vs kinetic energy, force, motion, and other concepts.

The launcher features a built-in pressure relief system to keep air pressure to fewer than 40 psi. With HDPE construction and a built-in air gauge, the launcher is sturdy, and its dual-pressure tanks provide consistently even launches. No assembly required.


Type: Tools and Equipment/Launching and Testing Grades: 3-12


  • California Proposition 65 Warning:

    WARNING: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.

SDS Sheets

What You'll Get

  • AP Dragster Launcher
  • Finish plate
  • String
  • Tension spring
  • 2 paper clips
  • 2 brass replacement tubes

Learning Values

  • Newton’s laws
  • Friction
  • Aerodynamics
  • Pressurized systems
  • Testing
  • Problem-solving
  • Engineering design
  • Prototyping
  • Data analysis
  • Measurements
  • Calculating speed
  • Data collection

For a more in-depth look at how STEM can be found in air-powered dragsters, click here.


  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimensions: 16" x 11" x 3"
  • Tools and Materials Required: Air pump, scissors, tape measure, safety glasses, AP dragsters to race