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Toolbox Racer

SKU: W33049
A Pitsco Exclusive


For a fun classroom activity that really measures up, check out the Toolbox Racer Kit.

Powered by the toolbox’s favorite occupant – the tape measure – this racer is quick and simple to build. It demonstrates the elastic potential energy of the tape measure’s spring and gets students excited about learning! Students can change out the 6' tape measure with a bigger one.

The racing setup is simple – just tape and string. Requires a tape measure – our 6' economy tape measure is recommended – duct tape, twine, and white glue, all sold separately.

Order 30 kits to build a class pack!


Type: Multi-Student Project Packs, Project Kits Grades: 3-12


What You'll Get

  • 2 axles
  • 2 front wheels
  • 2 rear wheels
  • 4 axle bushings
  • 2 hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Basswood sheet of laser-cut parts

Learning Values

  • Potential/kinetic energy
  • Variables
  • Systems
  • Energy and power
  • Data collection
  • Modeling
  • Prediction
  • Charts and graphs


  • Material: Basswood
  • Level: Suitable for Grades 3 and up
  • Tools and Materials Required: Tape measure, duct tape, twine, and white glue

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