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X-Stream Wind Tunnel with Stinger Mount

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X-Stream Wind Tunnel

Go high tech with your technology and science curricula with this adjustable-speed, quiet-as-a-breeze wind tunnel. No louder than a room fan, X-Stream requires no hearing protection. When paired with the Vehicle Platform Sensor (VPS) and Stinger Mount Sensor, the X-Stream can measure forces on objects as diverse as dragsters, airfoils, rockets, and geometric shapes.

The X-Stream is quality made too. A low-restriction flow straightener, combined with a 6:1 compression ratio intake bell, converts turbulent airflow into smooth, laminar airflow for repeatable test results. The large testing chamber accommodates a variety of objects, yet the unit is compact enough to sit on a six-foot table. Side and top polycarbonate window panels permit more light to enter the chamber and provide a better view.

This wind tunnel’s handheld control unit lets you adjust the speed of the air moving through the test chamber (up to 40 mph), and the included manometer indicates the actual speed. As air moves over an object, the control unit’s LCD panel displays the magnitude of the forces.

Features of the X-Stream Wind Tunnel include:

  • Quiet – great for classrooms and lab areas
  • Ratio-metrically designed for accuracy
  • Laminar flow provides zero-turbulence testing.
  • Only six feet long – fits in any classroom
  • Extra-large 19" x 11-1/2" x 11-1/2" test chamber has a view from both sides and top.
  • Side panels are removable and customizable.
  • Convenient handheld control unit
  • Variable speed from 0-40 mph
  • Rugged ABS construction

Requires one available serial port. Note: Requires VPS or Stinger Mount Sensor to operate.

X-Stream Wind Tunnel with Stinger Mount Sensor

Measure drag on a variety of objects placed inside the testing chamber of the X-Stream Wind Tunnel including geometric shapes, vehicles, airfoils, bottle rockets, and solid-fuel rockets. The Stinger Mount Sensor also measures lift on wings! Includes instructions, hardware, and geometric objects. Data is displayed on the handheld controller.

Stinger Mount Sensor system offers several great features:

  • Use with CO2 dragsters (front drag only), rockets, airfoils, and geometric shapes.
  • Onboard display for instantaneous feedback
  • Versatile for many science and technology applications
  • Data-graphing and analysis software available


Type: Tools and Equipment Grades: 6-12


What You'll Get

  • Wind tunnel preassembled unit
  • Test chamber plastic cover
  • Stinger Mount instrument
  • Thumb nut attached to platform on wind tunnel intake bell
  • Vehicle mounting platform
  • Handheld control unit
  • Power pack (12 V) with power cord
  • Detachable AC power cord
  • 8 brass thumb nuts
  • T-wrench
  • 4 wire drag links
  • 3 brass wind guard tubes (one 2", 3", and 4")
  • Manometer in box with tubing, fluid, thumbscrew, tubing clamp, plastic washer, and instructions
  • USB adapter
  • Brass wind guard support base
  • Bottle rocket mounting plug
  • Solid-fuel rocket mounting plug
  • Drill rod
  • Set of geometric shapes
  • Stinger mounting rods:
    • 3 plain (9")
    • 2 plain (10")
    • 1 tapped (10") with a 4-40 threaded hole and screw in one end
    • Horizontal mounting device
    • Platform drag hook


Learning Values

  • Modeling
  • Aerodynamics
  • Friction
  • Design processes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Problem-solving
  • Engineering design
  • Prototyping
  • Energy and power systems
  • Metric measurements
  • Tolerances
  • Calculating speed


  • Tools and Materials Required: Scissors