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Grades K-2

Create a Love for STEM at the Earliest Age

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Kinesthetic Learning with STEM in the Gym
Active learning takes on new meaning with this elementary curriculum that combines the movement of physical education classes with STEM concepts. Students move and develop teamwork as they learn about simple machines, work and effort, and much more!
Date Added 12/13/2012
Webinar: Teaching STEM Through Physical Education
This webinar shares how STEM in the Gym™ can bring whole-child learning to your school’s gym class. Former educators at Pitsco Education share how to teach STEM to elementary students through kinesthetic activities that explore simple machines.
Date Added 4/30/2015
Phonics: Animals in Motion
From the creator of STEM in the Gym™ comes Phonics: Animals in Motion. This is an active way to teach language arts skills and even sign language – and excite students to learn by keeping them moving and pumping up the fun with animals!
Date Added 3/16/2016
Webinar: Implementing an Elementary Makerspace
Why should you create a makerspace in an elementary school? What equipment and activities should you use? What themes work well in a makerspace? Three experienced makerspace educators and three experts from Pitsco discuss these and other questions about this student-centered learning space.
Date Added 4/21/2016

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Developing future-ready learners starting in kindergarten

Children are born with a growth mind-set – they’re curious, confident, change ready, and eager to learn. Creating social learning opportunities that enable students to develop these natural tendencies as early as possible in their K-12 experience ensures a growth mind-set that will last a lifetime. Embedding them in an integrated STEM context brings them to life in real-world, practical scenarios that even the youngest students can engage with in a meaningful way. Pitsco Education products and activities are purpose designed by our team of educators to achieve success with Grades K-2 students and are conveniently packaged to ease implementation and classroom management for busy teachers.