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CO2 Dragsters

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Bring thrill to your classroom or competition with CO2 dragsters! Dragsters are an exciting method to teach the design process. Students design a prototype and then produce an actual CO2-powered dragster and race it!

Single kits and 50-packs are available in Fusion, balsa wood, and basswood. All three blanks are officially approved by the Technology Student Association (TSA) for use in CO2 dragster competition!

Our illustrated, self-directed student workbook holds the students’ attention as they learn step-by-step automotive-design processes, incorporating both English and Metric measurement. The CO2 Dragster User Guide is available for print here, or you can download a digital copy for free here.

The 50-pack also acts as an excellent refill pack for your Getting Started package.

NOTE: These packs are replacements of the Metric and LSRAV Dragster packs.


Type: Materials and Supplies, Project Kits Grades: 6-12




  • Dimensions: Body blank is 12" x 1-5/8" x 2-3/4" with a hole drilled for the CO2 cartridge.

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