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EZ Start Gate

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Race CO2 dragsters – even with a budget on the brakes.

Start with the EZ Start Gate – a manual start gate designed to make dragster activities easy and affordable. Lining up cars and launching them is a simple operation, and students spot the winners at the finish line. When you can budget for more equipment, add the EZ Finish Gate to quickly and accurately indicate the winner. Or get both – the entire EZ Start Raceway – at the same time. It is made of durable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to last for years.

The EZ Start Gate works on a floor track, the FasTrak® Elevated Racetrack, or the EZ Track Raceway sold separately.


Type: Tools and Equipment/Launching and Testing Grades: 3-12


What You'll Get

  • Start gate
  • Dragster monofilament line
  • 2 line anchors
  • EZ Start Raceway User Guide


Learning Values

  • Acceleration
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Newton's third law
  • Data collection
  • Testing/evaluation
  • Tools
  • Data analysis and predictions
  • Iterative design
  • Timing circuits
  • Aerodynamic computations
  • Calculating speed
  • Measurement (time and distance)


  • Material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Tools and Materials Required: Duct tape, two towels, and scissors

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