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Vinyl Board Cover (18" x 24")

SKU: W71272


This five-ply, self-sealing Vinyl Board Cover provides a versatile and extremely durable drawing surface that preserves and protects against graphite or ink damage as well as cuts, scars, mars, and dents.

Economical and Convenient – The perfect way to extend the life of any worn drawing board or tabletop. Covers nicks, cuts, and holes with a smooth, new work surface that recovers almost immediately after being pierced with compass points, dividers, tacks, or other pointed instruments. The Vinyl Board Covers are smooth, stain resistant, and easy to clean. Just wipe away graphite, grime, and eraser dust with a damp cloth or sponge.

Two Colors – Easy to apply and available in green/ivory, this five-ply vinyl is permanently bonded for years of service. It will not discolor, deteriorate, or crack. Easily cut with large scissors or a utility knife. Attach with double-stick tape.

Note: Board covers are shipped rolled. To flatten before use, unroll the cover and lay it overnight in a warm room. To apply, put double-stick tape across the entire top but only halfway down each side of the drawing surface. Let the bottom half lie loose. This allows the vinyl to breathe. (As the temperature changes, the cover will expand and contract freely without bubbling or warping.)


Type: Drafting Tools/Drawing Boards and Covers



  • Size: 18" x 24"

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