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Arduino Sensor Kit

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The Arduino Sensor Kit is made for makers who have just started exploring the vast space of electronics and programming using Arduino. This kit is an excellent way to extend learning for users who already have an Arduino UNO board or the Arduino Education Student Kit.

This sensor kit helps to build your own projects and learn about and experiment with different sensors and actuators. It comes with a base shield, to which you can connect individual or combinations of the 10 included Grove modules through its digital, analog, or I2C connectors. You can then fit the base shield on top of an Arduino UNO board and program it using the Arduino Software (IDE). The 10 Grove modules are:

  • LED – a simple LED that can be turned on, off, or dimmed
  • Button – a push button that can either be in a HIGH or LOW state
  • Potentiometer – a variable resistor that increases or decreases resistance when turning its knob
  • Buzzer – a piezo speaker used to produce binary sounds
  • Light sensor – a photoresistor that reads light intensity
  • Sound sensor – a tiny microphone that measures sound vibrations
  • Barometer – a sensor that reads air pressure using I2C protocol
  • Temperature sensor – a sensor that reads temperature and humidity at the same time
  • Accelerometer – a sensor used for orientation and detecting movement
  • OLED screen – a screen that values or messages can be printed to

This kit was elaborated in collaboration with Seeed Studio and provides the Arduino community with the opportunity to build projects with minimal effort of both wiring and coding. This kit acts as a bridge to the world of Grove and provides a flexible way for makers to extend their projects to include other complex Grove modules.


Type: Materials and Supplies, Project Kits Grades: 6-12


What You'll Get

  • Base shield
  • 10 Grove modules that can be used individually or combined to make different projects
    • 4 digital modules: LED, button, buzzer, and a potentiometer
    • 5 sensors: light, sound, air pressure, temperature/humidity, and accelerometer
    • 1 OLED display
  • 6 Grove cables that enable you to easily connect the modules to the base shield without any soldering required
  • Instructions and access to an online platform to help plug, sketch, and play with the various modules