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Arduino Cloud for Schools

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Arduino Cloud for Schools enables teachers to enrich learning using cloud connectivity.

Arduino Cloud for Schools is an easy-to-use, secure cloud-based platform that brings together learning content, software, resources, and classroom management tools all in one place. This platform makes it easy to improve student engagement, enhance collaboration, and personalize learning for your students.

With an Arduino Cloud for Schools subscription, you can:

  • Access a wide range of templates, step-by-step lesson plans, and data collection and analysis tools to quickly connect and bring simple IoT projects to life.
  • Take IoT learning further with real-life sustainability projects that enable students to investigate and solve real-world challenges linked to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Mix and match customizable widgets to visualize real-time or historical data or to control devices.
  • Access, share, and collaborate on sketches, project reports, dashboards, media, and more.
  • Manage your classroom, add or remove members, and assign roles and permissions.
  • Monitor individual student progress, provide feedback, and create custom assignments.
  • Manage assignments and more using Arduino Cloud directly with Google Classroom.

The subscription enhances the platform experience by adding the following functionalities, which are not available with the free version.

  • Each user can connect up to five Internet-connected objects (Things) to the cloud at a time.
  • Receive up to 10 notifications per member per day to monitor specific variables within Things. Track an unlimited number of variables for each Thing.
  • Store your historical data for up to six months in the cloud.
  • Use the Arduino Explore IoT Kit Rev 2 to control things and devices via Arduino rest APIs or using software development kit (SDK) in JavaScript, Python®, and Google Go.
  • Upload code without cables, using only an Internet connection.
  • Utilize the advanced chart widget, a powerful tool for monitoring and analyzing device data. The widget displays multiple variables in one chart for data point comparison.
  • Unlimited storage space for sketches.
  • Unlimited compilations, which is the amount of time available to verify code and upload it to a board.
  • Share IoT dashboards (read-only or read and write) with any number of people.
  • Integrate Arduino Cloud with Google Classroom.

Arduino Cloud requires a stable Wi-Fi connection but is not demanding in terms of speed. If the Internet connection is temporarily lost, your students will not be interrupted because all progress will be saved locally and synced to the cloud as soon as the connection is restored.


Type: Software Grades: 6-12


What You'll Get

  • Access to the Arduino Cloud for Schools platform for one year, based on the number of seats purchased


  • Brand: Arduino
  • Device Compatibility: Desktop computer or laptop running Windows, macOS, or Linux, or a Chromebook running Chrome OS.

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