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Perilous Plunge – Getting Started Package

A Pitsco Exclusive
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Tune in your students to the ideas of elasticity, proportion, line of best fit, and more with this exciting activity. Students build a bungee cord out of rubber bands that is attached to the Rip Cord Parachute Drop and Stand. Add a doll or weight to the cord and have the students experiment to keep the load safe from a disastrous crash.

Requires action figures, dolls, or other objects of various weights, not included.


Type: Multi-Student Project Packs Grades: 6-12
SKU: W40564


What You'll Get

Learning Values

  • Elasticity
  • Force and motion
  • Problem solving
  • Materials science
  • Accuracy
  • Data analysis and predictions
  • Problem solving
  • Safety engineering
  • Line of best fit
  • Computation/estimation
  • Proportions

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